Every year, my parents hold an annual backyard barbecue for the town friends and families.

They have been doing this since I was a young child, but everyone looks forward to this annual event. When I was outdated enough, I started inviting university friends to partake in the fun. No matter the weather, my parents consistently hold this barbecue on July 1st because it is right after university lets out for the summer. Even after I moved away from household for a modern job, I return for the celebration every year. This year, I was especially gleeful to return for the celebration because I hadn’t been household for an entire year. When I arrived, I was surprised to see a rainstorm taking locale. This storm was not predicted in the forecast, so my parents were not prepared with tents. Instead, the celebration would need to take locale indoors. That was not the best option though because our air conditioning component was not running, so the home was like a sauna. My mother was panicking by the time I arrived at the house. The home was so hot from all of the cooking and baking. I ran to the store to buy many strong fans in hopes of circulating the air and providing some relief, but it did actually little. I assured my mom that it would be okay. She started screaming at my father because he failed to do the cooling system inspection before the celebration. I felt sorry for my Mom, then regardless of this situation, the guests arrived and had a relaxing time. I know my mom just needed to see his guests enjoying themselves, and then he was able to calm down.
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