When I was young we could not afford to pay for heating or cooling

There is one thing I wish I could go back plus change.

  • I wish I would have helped my parents out more when I was growing up.

My good friend and I weren’t the richest of the families in my town. Actually, my Dad plus dad struggled everyday with finding or buying food to feed us; Of course our collegeing was put first. My good friend and I all ended up getting tasks as soon as we were seasoned enough to do so. I spent most of this currency for myself. It was spent on food plus things I would need mostly for college. I tried to save up for a car. I knew my parents would not be able to afford one for me. One of the things I wish I should have helped with was the Heating & Air Conditioning system. My good friend and I could not afford to turn the heat real high. My good friend and I couldn’t afford a/c at all. In the summer time we were so hot. My good friend and I often were dripping with sweat plus we could not take showers too much. to make up for that we chose to go swimming in the creek almost everyday when we needed to. In the winter, I was able to buy more later when I get a task. My good friend and I often froze because we couldn’t afford the energy bills. I wish I would have paid for them myself. My good friend and I would have been living more comfortably at home. Thankfully we are all living well now. Our Heating & Air Conditioning systems are no longer a concern. My good friend and I all have beautiful Heating & Air Conditioning systems that are genuinely efficient for our homes. My good friend and I are never too tepid plus never too cold.


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