When I notice the AC, I know something is wrong with the kids

It’s rather hard to be a parent these nights.

It seems like there has nothing you can do right because the entire global environment is burning to the ground.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to be a working parent before.., then now there is nowhere to send your kids. Obviously, my buddy and I are in the middle of a global pandemic which is holding our children back from attending physical school as they normally would. Unfortunately, there is no nice solution to this debacle. If they stay at home they are limiting their parents from being able to work. If the kids go to school they are putting all the people at risk because of the danger of contamination. I have been doing my best to keep the kids occupied at home in the comfort of our own heating plus cooling system. I feel a lot safer with them breathing our indoor air because it has not been contaminated with any viral particles. I know for a fact that our air filters have been changed correctly plus nobody has been expelling dangerous viruses into our volume of indoor air. However, I have been easily busy with working plus keeping an eye on the kids. Normally, I don’t notice the heating plus cooling system at home at all. I am so busy worrying about the children that it drowns out my attention for the indoor air quality controls or temperature settings. In fact, the only way that I ever know my kids are up to something is when the cabin falls silent plus I can hear the heating plus cooling system. If I can hear the a/c component clicking on plus off, I know that the kids are getting into trouble. Thank God for this AC system because it keeps me tuned into the activities of these wild children.


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