Waking up to these loud noises within the HVAC system malfunctioning

There is not one thing I do not care for more than waking up early.

Sometimes I have to wake up truly early to finish things that were not done the day before.

I do this because sleep is a priority for me and if I do not get enough sleep I do not function well. The one day that I did not have to get up early, I got up early anyway. I was woken up by the loud noise coming from my HVAC system. This noise was rather loud. I truly decided to just turn off the system and go back to bed. I felt that I could just look at the issue in the day and it would all be just fine. I looked after I had waken up again but I did not find anything wrong with the system. I turned it back on and there were those noises again. I turned it off and called an HVAC specialist. I was hoping they could really help me figure out the problem. He came to my apartment and told me what was wrong with it. He told me that the system seemed to be having a hard time with the condenser and the refrigerant lines. There was something inside of the system causing the lines to block up and the condenser had become so full of water. This was causing the loud noise in other areas of the system that would not toil due to this. The system was laboring hard to do its task however it was unable to do just that, however luckily, he knew how to service the problem and he did in a timely manner.


air conditioning technician