Waiting until Monday morning to schedule AC repair

For seven months of the year, the average temperature in Jacksonville, Florida, climbs above eighty degrees.

Conditions frequently soar into the nineties or even the triple digits with brutal humidity.

The air conditioner is essential. Because of the intensive workload, wear and tear is inevitable. I make sure to replace the air filter every six to eight weeks but sometimes forget to schedule seasonal maintenance. This past summer, when I lowered the thermostat and the air conditioner kicked on, it made an odd sound. The air flowing from the vents had a musty odor and there was a surge of dust. I hoped that the system would work out any difficulties and provide effective cooling. I should have called immediately for air conditioner service. Instead, I procrastinated and my air conditioner quit in the middle of the night during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The outdoor temperature hit ninety degrees by eight o-clock in the morning. The house became horribly overheated. I knew that if I scheduled an air conditioner repair, I’d need to pay overtime fees. I decided to wait until Monday morning. I tried running box fans but they didn’t help much. Opening the windows was pointless. It was impossible to sleep at night. My whole family was uncomfortable, sweaty and unhappy. We took lots of cold showers. It was such a relief when I finally got a licensed HVAC technician to come to the house. He got the air conditioner running within a couple of hours. From now on, I’ll make sure to schedule seasonal maintenance.


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