Waiting for spring is painful

I know plenty of people who swear that they love living in our area because they couldn’t stand to be in a climate that was constant all year round.

They insist that the changing seasons make all the difference in their happiness, and they can’t even imagine having one set of weather conditions for the duration of the year.

They say there are too many good things to look forward to in each passing season, and there would be no fun if they had stable weather to contend with. I think these people are morons. Let me explain; each season is difficult where I live, however the longest season always seems to be winter. This means you can look forward to brutally cold air temperatures for 6 months on end. The temperature is easily in the single digits, and that’s not accounting for wind chill. You spend all your time indoors, because it’s insufferable to leave the comfort of your furnace for even a moment in the elements. You are practically glued to your central heater, seeking out every air vent in your house to soak up any bit of heat possible. The winter is long and boring, and it feels like spring will never arrive. All season you dream of warm air, and of being able to free yourself of your ties to the furnace at home. The thought of being comfortable without thermostat intervention is amazing, and becomes this coveted treasure in the distant future. Every morning that you wake up to hear the furnace humming along feels like defeat.


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