Unbalanced HVAC duct system leaving some rooms too cold

I really cherish when winter comes… I’m able to go outside and prefer the snow and mountains with a lot of my friends… When the snow hits and there’s enough on the mountain to go snowboarding, my friends and I will pack up and take a long weekend to go the resort… There are some things that I do not really care for when winter does roll around.

I have a really long driveway so shoveling and snow plowing are not my number one things I like to do, it is really time-consuming! Also in my house it seems as if there are particular rooms that are colder than others.

I have some vents and one of the vents blows out a lot of heat and in some other rooms there is really minimal heat blowing out of the vents, and before I wanted to leave my house for a few afternoons I wanted to call my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system to see exactly what was going on. I told him about how some rooms feel colder than others, however he told me that it sounds like I have a really unbalanced HVAC duct system. When the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning serviceman came over he took a lot of measurements. He told me he was taking equipment measurements of supply, return, room-by-room temperatures and measuring airflow output from each vent, with also checking any leakage from the HVAC ducts. After receiving the data that was needed to determine if there was an unbalance in my HVAC duct, he found that on the one side of my house near the two coldest rooms, the HVAC duct was off at least ten degrees!



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