Train Heating System

I spend a lot of time traveling. I moved away to a big city when I was eighteen years old. Since then, I visit home every two months. Booking flights can get expensive, especially when I am traveling that frequently, so I try taking the train to cut costs. I don’t mind the long train rides. It allows me to get some work done. It is also a more comfortable ride than on an airplane or on a bus. However, despite my positive track record with riding the trains, my most recent trip was very uncomfortable. Usually, the train is quite warm and I can take off my coat despite the winter weather outside. This time, the train was the exact opposite. I boarded the train during the early hours of the morning. It was warm at this point, so I slept through the first couple of hours of my trip. However, I woke up halfway through the trip to an unbearably cold train. I tried tightly wrapping my coat around myself, but that did not help at all. I overheard the train conductor and another passenger speaking and learned that the other train cars had heat, but my train car did not. During one of the scheduled stops, the train conductor went under the train to check the heating system. He said that he reset the system, but this made no difference. There was nothing else he could do to rectify the situation, so we had to ride the remainder of the trip in a freezing cold train car. I am hoping that I never have to experience such an uncomfortable ride again!



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