Thermostat flip to go from heating to cooling

We’ve turned the corner plus flipped the page, but it’s May here plus my buddy and I are fully into the first part of Springtime, then there are charming, light orange leaves on the trees that are like little babies, and the pollen is covering the cars everyday.

In some cases, it’s like the trees are easily throwing pollen at my car… My friend and I are also about to enter the air conditioning season, but while we’ve had the temperature control flipped over to heating since December, I bet my buddy and I haven’t needed it however a half dozen times! So with May comes the annual flip of the temperature control back to cooling.

Since my buddy and I get all of our quality heating plus air from the heat pump, my buddy and I aren’t shutting down a gas heating system to start up air conditioning. It’s nice to have the simplicity of having one piece of heating plus cooling device for all of our Heating plus Air Conditioning needs; Yet, it’s not as simple easily as just moving the temperature control setting over to cooling. My friend and I are about to embark on the part of the year that demands the most from our heat pump. So I before the air conditioning comes on, I like to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier first. They come out each Springtime to do the air conditioning tune up… Getting this Heating plus Air Conditioning repair done helps ensure that the heat pump can handle the heavy load it’s going to get come June, and for sure, the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier inspects plus replaces any worn parts that might end up causing an air conditioning interruption, then but the air conditioning tune up also ensures that the heat pump is running at maximum efficiency. That goes a legitimately long way toward saving me a bunch of currency on cooling costs.

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