The HVAC system was too small for the area it was trying to cool

The gym felt a lot cooler than it had before

I have been trying to reach my dreams and my goals forever. I have been working hard and earning money. I have had my goals in the back of my head for everything that I do. There is nothing that can stop me from getting to where I want to be. Recently, I just reached a goal of mine. That goal was to open up my very own gym. I have always wanted to do this. Now that it is happening, I could not be happier. The only thing I am struggling with is the HVAC system. I had a technician come the other day to look at the place. He gave me his opinion on what he thought would be best. I went with that and had him install a system. The only problem is that the gym still feels warm. You only get little patches of cool air. The air is not consistent for the entire place like it should be. I ended up going through another HVAC company to help me out. He gave me his opinion. He told me that the HVAC system was far too small for the amount of room inside of the gym. The reason the air felt inconsistent was because the HVAC system was not large enough to support it I did not understand how this happened when the other HVAC technician said I needed this system. However, I had the old one replaced with a new system. The new system was working much better. The gym felt a lot cooler than it had before. I am glad I looked into this with a new HVAC company.

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