The furnace ruined a movie night

The furnace ruined a movie night for me and my husband. We had planned on watching a movie we both enjoyed while snuggled up on the couch. It was a cold evening, and we had made hot chocolate. My husband had had a long hard day as an HVAC technician working on people’s furnaces. He spent a lot of the day driving between the heating and cooling business and customer’s homes delivering parts for their furnaces or their hot water boilers so that they could stay warm in the freezing winter. We finally were comfy on the couch when our furnace started making strange noises and a strange smell came from the air ducts in the floor. My husband, a professional HVAC technician, immediately went to work on the furnace, hoping it was a minor problem. We have an oil furnace in our home connected to a smart thermostat, and for some reason the smart thermostat was unable to detect the problem with the furnace. My husband got his hands dirty and started taking the oil furnace apart and fixing it. He had to walk outside to his HVAC shed to gather some heating and cooling equipment to finish fixing the furnace. By the time the oil furnace was working properly, we were both exhausted and decided to skip the movie and just go to bed. To make up for this, we decided to watch the movie the next night, and my husband made sure that the oil furnace was working properly beforehand this time. I am so thankful he is an HVAC technician.

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