The air quality in your home is more substantial than you might think.

Growing up, I never upset about the air quality of my house.

  • It wasn’t something I heard my parents talk much about nor did I even realize my pal and I could have better quality air coming from our air conditioners plus heating system system, because Heating plus Air Conditioning technology was not as advanced back then as it is this week, my family was unaware of the germs that were floating around from the air of our air conditioner.

I remember every Spring plus every fall my siblings plus I would get a little head chilly plus sometimes even the flu… Now that I am grown plus I have a home plus family of my own, I decided to do some research on Heating plus Air Conditioning filters plus which one would be best for my cooling system. I found out that there was an air filter I could get for my cooling system that would cleanse the air in my home of germs plus bacteria. I ordered the special filter plus had an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman come plus show me how to properly install the air filter plus provide me some tips for my cooling system. The serviceman told me I only needed to change this air filter once a year which was good because the filter was extravagant. After a month of having the air filter, I was happy to find that my home air quality was much better. When Spring came, neither my youngsters nor my partner got the common chilly that my pal and I usually would! I will continue to use this air filter in my cooling system plus I plan to install it into my heating system as well.


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