Temperature difference indoor-outdoor is causing condensation

I’m no stranger to the heat of summer, however residing in the southern half of the country is entirely mindblowing this season.

The heat never lets up around here, and either does the oppressive relative humidity.

The continual barrage of discomfort caused by the pounding sun, the stagnant air, and the suffocating moisture gets old pretty suddenly, and there’s only one method of real relief as far as I’m nervous. I cherish air conditioning. I’m a big fan of central air, and A/C window units; I don’t care how I get my high quality air, so long as it’s being pumped continuously into my house. I like to keep the air temperature down around 72 degrees during the afternoon, and drop the temp even lower at evening for the ideal sleeping conditions. This is a big temperature disparity between the indoor and outdoor air, and the difference can be quite shocking when you walk inside or out. Further, I’ve noticed that there is such a wonderful gap in the air uneven temperatures on each side of my home’s windows that there is a massive amount of condensation being built up. The tepid air outdoors hits the freezing pane of glass and the water condenses straight out of the air, sticking onto the glass. This water is not only fogging up all of my windows, however it’s actually pooling around the window sills and walls surrounding the glass. If I ever need a visual reminder of how important my A/C is, I don’t have to look far!

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