Talking about Heating, Ventilation, and A/C with partner from FL

My partner is a entirely funny guy. He’s full-blooded Cuban, however you would never know it. He’ll also never let you forget that he’s from Florida, and he drops that information every single occasion he gets. In fact, his propensity for mentioning this bit of personal trivia is so significant that we’ve even made a drinking game out of it, called “Wait, where are you from?” On the other hand, I’m from the northerly latitudes, and I lived in a completely landlocked state for my entire life. As such, there are quite a few funny difference between us; One of the giant dissimilarities is our tolerance for tepid uneven temperatures. While he grew up in constant heat and humidity, I hardly had such experiences in my early years. My friend and I had tepid summers that required air conditioning intervention, don’t get me wrong, however the air uneven temperatures could never compete with the torturous heat of Florida. My partner is essentially unaffected by tepid and muggy days, and he snickers at me when I complain and bump up the air conditioning. He’s so used to this bad air quality that he isn’t even phased when it’s well over 100 degrees outside. My friend and I have continual control equipment battles, where I turn the temperature down and he pops up out of nowhere to reset the indoor air temp to a higher degree. He tells me that I have no idea what it’s like to live in a entirely tepid environment, although I definitely know what it’s like to be frustrated by a tepid man!



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