Summer Vacation

Last summer, my family and I took a holiday to visit a tropical island and indulged in an all inclusive resort. I was so excited, especially because this was my first time visiting a tropical locale. My buddy and I spent weeks preparing for the trip. I could barely focus at university because all I could know about was escaping to hot weather and beach time. When the day finally arrived, I was over the moon with excitement. I stepped off the plane and was hit with a big heat wave. It was quite overwhelming at first, despite the fact that I thought it might just be that hot in the airport. I was hoping the hot and cold temperatures would be more bearable at the resort, but unluckyly, I was wrong about that. The resort was just as hot, and the water was quite hot too! There was no cut from the heat unless I spent the entire time inside our suite with the air conditioning blasting. I did not want to ruin the holiday and spend my time indoors, so I tried to deal with the heat instead. While I was walking around the resort and participating in numerous events, I was consistently dreaming of a cooling system. The thought of the air conditioning component did ease the pain until I was able to honestly use the system once I returned to my room. Walking into the cool room was like my saving grace. It did wonders for me! Next year, I plan on convincing my parents to book a holiday in an part with much milder hot and cold temperatures!

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