Studying is hard in the heat

When you’re going back to university it feels like being immersed in a whole modern world.

I really forgot what it was like to be a student until this week.

It turns out, being students again is rather stressful plus difficult. I have so multiple things on my plate between working plus attending university part-time that I feel like I’m spinning in circles everyday. That being said, I didn’t realize that the most hard part of this entire academic endeavor would be finding the familiar indoor air quality controls to comfortably study plus complete my projects each week. I realized a few days ago that studying throughout the summer time is honestly hard because of the a/c in our house! One day it seems like the A/C is barely functioning at all. There are fluctuating sizzling plus cold air rapidly changing temperatures throughout every room plus I can’t even predict what kind of air quality I’m going to find next. The next day, the A/C seems like it is operating at full blast even though the settings haven’t changed. I am cold in my seat plus my fingers go numb while I’m trying to type on the keyboard. Then, I find myself trying to study wrapped in blankets plus wearing slippers on my feet to escape from the ice cold draft of the a/c vent near my desk. Either way, I haven’t found that my learning activities have been greatly enhanced by the central cooling system. I can’t wait for Fall, so I can go through this all over again with the forced air furnace.



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