Staying away from installing HVAC ducts in my new home

I am going to be a new homeowner soon.

I have had to ask around to my friends to know what to know as a new homeowner. I am sure that there are a lot of things they could provide me advice about. Being a new household owner is not an simple thing. I have seen my mom own a household for multiple years plus the stuff that she has to do around the household is crazy. However one piece of advice my friends all gave me was about my HVAC system. I certainally asked them what type of HVAC system they have in their home. They all told me to not bother with a system that has HVAC ducts installed in it. The HVAC ducts inside of the household get dusty plus they can collapse at any time. If these HVAC ducts behind the walls need labor at any one time then the HVAC professional will have to put holes in the wall. That is the only way to reach the HVAC ducts behind the wall. Air ducts can also collapse unquestionably legitimately if they are not installed officially. I am not a unquestionably trusting person so I would be sure that my HVAC professional would be able to do them right. I feel that an HVAC professional might want to make more money so he would install them poorly. I do not want that for my household after spending so much money to already have them installed. I am definitely going to install a ductless mini-split system after I have gotten so much advice from my friends.

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