Space heater causes house fire

This tragedy was a learning lesson for many

On a cool evening in a small town, one family faced a tragedy they would never forget. The family had an outing scheduled for that evening. They were planning a dinner for their oldest daughter’s birthday. It was a surprise dinner, and the family was all in on it. In a rush to get to the restaurant on time, someone forgot to unplug the space heater in the kitchen. While the family was away at dinner, a nearby dish towel caught fire and the kitchen quickly went up in flames. A neighbor noticed the smoke and called the fire department. Shortly after, the family was contacted about the house fire. The family quickly left the dinner and rushed home. It was too late. The house was in flames and the fire department had been trying to put it out for several hours. The space heater had caused damage beyond repair and the daughters birthday was totally ruined. When I learned of this, I was quick to think of my own house. All of the heat in my own home comes from space heaters. We are so careful to turn them off and unplug them before we leave the house. This tragedy was a learning lesson for many. People always say how dangerous it is to run space heaters, but many do not realize that it is so easy to make a small mistake that can ruin your life.

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