So humid that my hair won’t dry

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had this particular problem, but I absolutely hate when my hair won’t dry.

There is nothing so frustrating as taking a shower in the morning, and feeling your own wet hair and scalp for the rest of the day.

The sensation is uncomfortable for me, and I don’t enjoy feeling like a drowned rat all day long because of the stupid air around me. You see, this happens in the deepest, darkest days of summer, when the air humidity is absolutely out of control. All the moisture in the air makes it impossible for the water in my locks to evaporate, so the H2O remains there all day long. The result is hair that feels and smells just as dirty as before I ever showered, and an overwhelming sense of disgust. Running the air conditioner at a very high power level is the only solution I’ve found so far, and it’s an expensive fix. I have to turn up the AC before I even step in the shower so that it is powerfully blaring by the time I emerge. All the extra dehumidifying power and cooler temperature is extraordinarily helpful for being able to dry my hair little by little, but in the meantime I am freezing my butt off in the abundant AC. After a few hours, however, my hair will actually feel dry and clean, and I can stop obsessing over the moist texture. I only wish there was a fix for what this does to my energy bill.



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