Refrigerant leak with air conditioner

It lasted for one year, and then we had the same concern with hot air again

My husband and I had been shopping for a home in St. Augustine, Florida, for several years before we finally found a property that both met our needs and was priced within our budget. The area is highly sought-after and expensive. We were determined to own a home with a view of the water and historical charm. Our house was built in the mid eighteen hundreds. It still retains original hardwood floors, doors and moldings. We just love the big windows, wide front porch and gorgeous view. We were able to afford the home because it had fallen into a state of disrepair. Replacing the roof, updating appliances and bringing the electric lines and plumbing up to code were the priorities. We knew the central air conditioning would eventually need to be replaced as well. The cooling system was obviously nearing the end of its lifespan. However, the air conditioner met our needs without a problem for several years. About two years ago, in the middle of the summer, it began providing nothing but warm air. When I scheduled AC repair, the technician discovered a minor refrigerant leak. He recommended adding refrigerant, recharging the system and hoping it would continue to operate for another several years. The air conditioner was so old that replacement parts were unavailable. I spent two hundred dollars on the repair. It lasted for one year, and then we had the same concern with hot air again. This time, I was unwilling to invest into another temporary repair. I decided the more cost-effective strategy was installing a new central air conditioner.

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