Ready for the temperature to drop for fall

I unquestionably cherish the summer time time.

There’s no doubt, if I had to choose a number one season it would be the delightfully hot summer time months.

It seems like every year we all spend the winter season and Springtime counting down until the first afternoon of summer, looking forward to the sun, swimming, and relaxed attitude. The best part, as far as I’m nervous, is being able to prefer my time outdoors with a refreshing beverage, lounging on a patio set and picking at a nice snack. There comes a point, but, when I’ve had enough of the hot air and start to desire the chill of fall once more. I have just recently reached that point in the past week or so, and I’m dying to dig out my fall clothing for a change of season. You see, the past two months or so have been swelteringly tepid every single moment of every single afternoon. My friend and I have been cranking our air conditioning at full blast, trying to lower the indoor air temperature just to the point of being able to dry off after being out in the godforsaken humidity outdoors. Still, this feat requires continual AC, which means we’ve been sitting in dry, freezing air for months on end at this point. The indoor air is so void of moisture that my skin and hair have been suffering, and my respiratory health. I’m tired of dripping with sweat consistently and peeling clothing off my tepid body all the time. And most of all, I’m sick of paying so much for my energy bill every month,.

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