Online courses are difficult when Heating & A/C is super old and loud

I know a lot of people are exasperated about the new state of the world.

  • I can divulge that I have also been rather disappointed by the way things have been going.

However, I will also tell you that I’m not so exasperated at the idea of taking my classes truly online. I know a lot of students feel like they can learn passablely through an online structure, however I vehemently disagree. In fact, I truly appreciate online learning. I find it much more comfortable than trying to predict the weather every morning and equip myself for the abundant Heating & A/C settings that I will encounter in any classroom. I hate trying to learn while I’m shivering in my seat and trying to hide from the air conditioner vents. I’m not a fan of having ice freezing drafts pouring in from every window as I concentrate on studying the PowerPoint. I am much happier staying at apartment in my own central heating and cooling system where I can truly have a comfortable environment thanks to high-quality indoor air. The only concern is, my central heating and cooling system has grown so old that it can truly be disruptive to my learning. I didn’t realize that my Heating & A/C units were growing so loud and disruptive until I had various classes online this year, however every time we have an in-person class meeting I have to turn off my Heating & A/C system. If I leave the air conditioner component or forced air furnace running, there is so much background noise that my air quality control devices disrupt the class. I prefer online learning however I know I need a better Heating & A/C system to make the high honor roll.


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