No more commercial HVAC for me

I sporadically wonder what’s going on inside the zone controlled HVAC of my old office.

That was such a nice locale to work. The split room was to die for. There was a important screen TV, a full kitchen & the comfiest chairs to relax in. But I entirely didn’t get to cherish the split room all that much. I was always busting it to get a project in or do some other urgent task assigned to be by a boss. While I did indeed cherish that commercial HVAC & all the amenities of the office, I don’t miss the work load. It seemed that I was always odd director’s got to girl, but unfortunately, if you’re good at what you do, you sort of get dog piled with work. I’m still laboring for the same supplier & my actual task function hasn’t changed. But thanks to converting a spare room into a permanent apartment office, I’m laboring remotely from now on. I was so surprised at just how suddenly I took to laboring from apartment inside my own residential HVAC. It was almost immediate for me because I wasn’t taking on a bunch of other people’s work. I was free to schedule my afternoon as I wished as long as I was present for online meetings & my work got done. Not only did my work get done however it got done to a level of quality that was a first for me. And I was pretty good to begin with. So it was not much of an issue for me to stay at apartment because going back to the zone controlled HVAC of the office was a deal breaker. And here I am!