Never realized being an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech meant travelling so much

When I was a kid I knew that I didn’t want to work in a traditional job.

I was consistently restless trying to stand at a desk all day in college. I wasn’t a big fan of staring at PC screens or doing writing assignments because somebody told me to. I particularly wanted to be active and fit in whatever industry I wound up with. There was no way I was going to work in a cubicle everyday answering to some stuffy boss in a clip-on tie. As such, I wound up going to heating, cooling, and ventilation repair college. I knew that I would be happy working with my hands everyday and experiencing new scenery for every appointment. However, I never understood exactly how much traveling I would do as a heating and cooling specialist. Not only do I drive across the city everyday to reach my numerous heating, cooling, and air quality control repair appointments. However, I am also correctly sent out for huge commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation replacements when I have to work on a team with other Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialists for the dealership. If my friend and I are not performing residential or commercial heating, cooling, and air quality control repair services then I am tied up learning about the newest technologies in air quality control. This means I attend a lot of conferences and continued-education possibilities in different cities. When I said I would never work in a cubicle for my job, I never realized that I would spend just as much time resting in an Heating, Ventilation & A/C work truck

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