My furnace helped me stay healthy.

There are many people in the world who have allergies that come every spring and sometimes in the fall.

During these seasons it is common for people to get the common cold.

Last october it was getting really cold and I knew I was going to be a victim of the common cold again. I really didn’t want to get it so I did some research on how to prevent getting it. I read that if you get a good quality air filter and furnace, it can help clean the air in your home to prevent air germs and dust particles in the air. I took a look at my furnace and realized it was time for me to call the HVAC technicians and have them do a tune up on my furnace system. When the HVAC technician arrived, he began cleaning and repairing different parts of my furnace to make sure it was working at its best. The furnace technician told me he had replaced the air filter with the best air filter there is. This new air filter was guaranteed to filter 50% more germs from the air than my last air filter. When the technician was finished with the furnace he installed a smart thermostat that not only could be controlled from my phone, it also told me the air quality that my furnace was blowing out. This was a great thing to have! After only a week of having the new air filter, I noticed a significant change in my home’s air quality. I didn’t end up getting sick that winter either thanks to my HVAC system and its new air filter.

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