My first winter in a southern state

I was born in the midwest, grew up in the midwest, plus began my adulthood in the midwest.

  • t’s not to say that I was fond of the weather plus terrain, so much as I lived there based on familiarity.

Truthfully, the weather conditions there was bad plus left a lot to be desired. The Springtimes were short plus muddy, the summers were sizzling plus humid, plus the falls were shocking plus fleeting; the winters, however, were the worst part of it all. I cannot tell you how much we relied on our central heating to survive each plus every afternoon. It was nearly impossible not to arrive household plus immediately find an air vent to lay in front of to thaw basking in the slow emission of sizzling air. The boiler was running constantly, plus it was often put on full power to combat particularally cold weather. That’s why I’m so happy to be residing in the south this year for a totally current winter experience. I’ve heard that the air temperature will not get lower than cold, plus I don’t have to worry about snow or ice. The house won’t be cold cold inside every afternoon, plus I won’t need to operate our boiler 24/7. I also won’t need to supplement the central heating with space heaters or the fireplace. I’m really happy about the savings that I can look forward to when my energy bill arrives each month, not to mention the overall increase in quality of life when I don’t have to worry about literally cold to death outdoors!

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