May Snowstorm

I am originally from a actually freezing region of the country.

  • As a child, I experienced countless snow storms that would close university for many consecutive days.

I remember having a full week off of university from a strong blizzard, however growing up, I enjoyed this weather. When I moved down south, I entered a completely unusual weather region. In my modern city, I experience some winter weather, but actually little snow accumulation and actually few university closings. All of my coworkers joke with me about the winter weather where I come from. I had tied up a trip household many weeks ago! Prior to my departure, a coworker asked me about the weather back home. I jokingly said that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was snowing in May. I never expected this to be true. When I arrived at home, my jaw dropped when I saw the snow showers in May. I could not know my eyes! After having the boiler off for a few weeks at that point, my parents had to turn the boiler back on. Something I forgot about my childhood household was that my relaxing friend and I could actually experience all four seasons in one day. During my week at home, I experienced just that. It went from hot breezes to snow storms and back to hot breezes; My parents were consistently increasing the temperature control. My car’s heating and cooling systems could not keep up with the constant changes. I don’t mind freezing weather or heavy snowfall, despite the fact that I do love some consistency, then needless to say, I was glad to escape that weather confusion!

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