Insurance doesn’t cover everything

After a major storm or disaster many people are left homeless.

Property damage can cost thousands to repair and if you are a homeowner then you need to make sure you are properly insured to cover those expenses.

If you fail to read the fine print on your policy you may be living with a false sense of security and pay for that later, literally. Let’s take you major appliances for example. Did you know that most insurance policies require you to pay for an additional rider to cover the cost of repair or replacement? If you don’t bother to ask about this you may find yourself paying for this out of pocket at a time where you are simply trying to put the remnants of your life back together. Hearing that the replacement of your HVAC system and other appliances is not covered is really not what you want. This only compounds the stress that you are already experiencing. Going without heat or air conditioning can not only be inconvenient but life threatening. If your insurance covers the repair and replacement of your HVAC system you can deal with other items and not worry about your family’s safety. If you are smart you will place a call to your insurance company that handles your homeowners policy and see what coverage you have before you are in a situation where you need to use it. In most cases these riders don’t really cost that much and the money you will save following a disaster will be well worth the few dollars invested over time.

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