Inlaws judge me for using traditional Heating, Ventilation & A/C instead of geothermal

I try particularly tough to fit in with my spouse’s family, however please don’t get me wrong, I feel that they are delightful human beings… However, they are a bit uppity and tough to deal with.

For as long as I can remember, they have been trying to deter her from having children with me.

They say that if my friend and I have kids it’s a lifelong commitment to each other; I already thought my friend and I made a lifelong commitment on the day that my friend and I got married. However, they are convinced that there is a better match on the market for my spouse, however specifically, when they are talking about the indoor air handling component market. You see, my in-laws are a bit obsessed with being eco-friendly. This pertains to all areas of their lives, from their cars to their heating and cooling devices. They refuse to use any indoor air handling system that isn’tincredibly energy efficient. They want to reduce their carbon footprint more than anything on this planet. I understand that they are sad for the global weather conditionss and they want us to have eco-friendly solutions in our apartment whenever possible. That being said, I can’t afford the heating and cooling devices that they prefer, however when they upgraded their forced air boiler and air conditioning component they opted for a geothermal heat pump. This way, they could rely on the passive energy transfer between the Earth’s crust and their apartment separate from relying on any outside source of energy. I feel it’s wonderful so that they have a neutral carbon footprint. However, I cannot afford a geothermal heat pump.., and it will not work for us living in the Deep South, anyways.