Inconsistent temperature in restaurant

I worked in a restaurant that was truly large.

In some parts of the restaurant, it would be truly frigid during other parts, it would be too hot.

I learn a review from a buyer that found this to be truly odd plus un charming. The restaurant only had one control unit, so if it was too frigid in one room, it could be just the right temperature in another room. The buyer was so unhappy with the incostinant temperature in the building that he turned to the internet to express his feelings, by the time I had seen the review, it was too late. Many people had already viewed it plus decided not to provide the restaurant a try over fear of being too tepid or too cold. I decided to do some more investigating. I created a survey for each table to see who thought it was too tepid or too frigid in the restaurant. At the end of the week, I reviewed the surveys left by the guests. At the end of the afternoon, I was looking for an HVAC repair shop to come take a look at the HVAC system. He was able to disinfect the ducts plus make the airflow more consistent. For the unhappy buyer who took his aggression out on the internet- I hope you are glad with the consistent temperature in our building now.
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