I’ll do anything to get away from screens; become Heating plus A/C tech

When I was growing up I knew one thing for sure! I never wanted to be the sort of person who reported to a cubicle all afternoon for the rest of my life. I actually cherish the idea of staring at a screen for the next 50 years. In my mind, it was best to find some kind of active work that would entirely engage me from dawn until dusk, unblessedly, this is not what happened, then rather than becoming a creative professional I fell into the trap of working for corporations. I stared at PC screens every afternoon plus felt my eyes burn! That’s when I decided that I made a huge mistake plus needed to go back to school. The most logical solution was to attend a local trade school so I could enter a professional job that included working with my hands. The next thing I knew, I was graduating from my heating plus cooling certification program. It only took me 18 months to become a licensed Heating plus A/C worker plus to find a professional task at a local air quality control dealership. The entire time I was in school my family asked about my choice in the heating plus cooling industry. They could not understand why I would give up a lucrative position in a major corporation to service a/c units plus forced air boilers everyday! No matter how often I try to tell people about my preference for driving around the city, fixing heating plus cooling equipment, plus meeting with the central Heating plus A/C owners.., people can’t seem to understand my desire to work with my hands beyond my keyboard.

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