I wasn’t trying to be late – client holds me up

I have to say that I am a real stickler for being on time.

When people keep me waiting or I have unnecessary downtime in my day I get very anxious and agitated.

I am not a big fan of waiting around for anybody or wasting my own time. That’s why I make an excellent service professional in my daily career. I am not the kind of person who will ever keep you waiting if we have set I plan to meet. This is something that my clients often appreciate because they cannot wait extra time before their indoor air handling devices to be professionally inspected. As a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation repair technician it’s my job to keep our local citizens happy and healthy with their high quality indoor air. I know how stressful it can be to have an air conditioning unit or forced air furnace breakdown in the middle of the day when you have other things to do. The last thing that you want is to wait around for a heating and cooling repair worker to arrive at your house and inspect your broken air handling device. That’s why I am always on time… Except for yesterday. I was desperately trying to leave one HVAC service appointment so I could get to the next. Unfortunately, my prior clients had a lot of additional questions about his central cooling system. No matter how many times I tried to wrap up our conversation about his air conditioning repair he wouldn’t let me leave. When I finally arrived at the next appointment the client had already called another HVAC repair shop.


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