I pick up odd jobs; radiant heated floors

I am not the type of person who is averse to working with my hands.

  • I know that a lot of folks these days are legitimately scared of working up a sweat or getting a scratch on their body.

I am absolutely not the same kind of human. In fact, there’s nothing that I appreciate more than working up a good sweat after a long hard day of work. I am always trying to pick up additional jobs in order to make a buck, and I’m happy to take up manual labor if that’s an option. This is why I have recently been installing a lot of floors around the neighborhood. It has become a major trend in this region for people to upgrade from forced air furnaces to radiant heated flooring. Unfortunately, the cost of installing a radiant heated floor is rather significant when you are talking about hiring a professional heating and cooling technician to do all the dirty work. The truth is, you don’t need a professional heating and cooling worker in order to lay down floor boards. Most of the local HVAC companies send out certified heating, cooling, and air quality control specialists just to connect the hot water pipes from the floor to your boiler system. After that, they swap out the heating and cooling technicians for unskilled laborers who put down the floorboards over the top of the heating implements. Let me tell you, you can save a lot of money if you hire me to do the entire heating and cooling job. I may not be a licensed HVAC technician but I know how to lay down beautiful flooring.