I know I have bills waiting for me

I am getting pretty concerned about returning home.

  • I have been staying with my mom for almost 3 months now unexpectedly.

I never thought that I would be here for this long. Honestly, it’s a bit of a drag because I am still paying rent in my actual hometown. I’m getting concerned about making the drive all the way back home. I am also rather anxious about the mess that I’m going to encounter whenever I get there. You see, for the past various months I haven’t had any say in the indoor air quality control settings. My roommates have been living in the cabin separate from me. This means, nobody has been keeping an eye on our energy bills or the wear plus tear on our heating, cooling, plus ventilation equipment. In fact, I worry that my roommates have never touched the control component since I left. I would not be surprised if they were operating the a/c system at an extremely high level separate from any regard for the energy bills that would follow. I know that they don’t spend money close attention to the biweekly utilities because their finances aren’t as tight as mine. Furthermore, I am aware that they do not prefer the heating plus cooling equipment the way that I do. I know how high-priced it can be used to have to call a professional heating plus cooling serviceman for an emergency a/c maintenance service. I am truthfully terrified that I will be bankrupt to the moment that I step foot back in my own house.



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