I installed a humidifier for the winter and it changed my life with no more dry skin

The winter and cold season has barely begun but I am already feeling the effects from it.

Last winter I learned that I was getting very dry skin.

This was because the furnace was running a lot and the air the furnace was putting out was actually really drying on my skin and it was not good at all. Have you ever felt this way during the winter? If you have I know exactly how you can fix it. The thing that I use is a humidifier. What is happening is that the furnace is drying out the air. If the air is so dry, this is what helps to make your skin so dry as well. The best way to beat it is by putting the moisture back into the air. This is what the humidifier does. There is a wick within the system that the water will evaporate from into the air. Since the air is so dry the water does not have a problem evaporating right off of that wick. The wick is connected to or sitting in a pool of water. SInce the water evaporates off of the wick, the water may need to be refilled at some point in time. It does not happen often though. If you think that this could solve a problem you are having that was just like mine. I totally recommend calling up your local HVAC provider. They can certainly help you install a humidifier into your home. It could change your life during the winter so go ahead and give it a shot.



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