I have had amazing experiences with Heating plus Air Conditioning.

Within an hour the throne room was cool plus comfortable

My first job out of university was being an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist. I enjoyed my job plus enjoyed helping people get the best air quality possible in their home. Through working for Heating plus Air Conditioning I got a thorough understanding of how air conditioners plus heaters work plus what to look for in a dysfunctional unit. This knowledge has given me tons of possibilities in my life to help others even when I wasn’t on the job. A few years ago I went on vacation from my heating plus cooling company to try to get refreshed. I was in a foreign country plus decided to visit the king’s palace. I observed the air vents strategically installed throughout the building plus I was impressed by the air quality of the palace except for in the throne room. The throne room was not air conditioned at all, as a matter of fact, it was super hot! I talked with the palace specialist plus he told me the air conditioner stopped working that day plus he was sad because the king was supposed to come that night. The cooling specialist took me outside to where the air conditioner unit was sitting. I took the air conditioner apart plus quickly situated the problem, and some of the cooling coils were broken in half! I replaced the cooling coils plus put the air conditioner back together. Within an hour the throne room was cool plus comfortable. The king of that country rewarded me with free tours of all their attractions plus a free gift from their Heating plus Air Conditioning store. It is amazing what you can do with Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist skills.


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