I hate the winter weather

I like to feel that I’m a fairly hardened individual, as far as physical prowess is worried. I have a genuinely high pain threshold due to years of suffering from chronic migraines, and from the burden of growing up with two older siblings. These factors combined have helped to form me into a rough plus tumble sort of girl. That being said, I am a total baby when it comes to facing the physical discomfort of winter time time, even when I have new Heating plus A/C technology at my fingertips. The cold, bitter air is one of the least pleasant physical sensations you could ever imagine. Every time the frigid breeze blows, slamming against your exposed skin plus chopping through even the heaviest layers of clothing, it feels like a million pin needle sticks. Every moment that you are not safely indoors, surrounded by temperature controlled air delivered straight from the boiler feels like torture, however waking up plus having to emerge from your warm bed in favor of the cold ambient air around you is brutal. Running to the temperature control to bump up the air temperature in the morning is a desperate flight, plus it will take hours for your boiler to make a giant difference in the overall house temperature. Every time you have to go to your car, you can expect to be frozen solid in the subzero hot plus cold temperatures as you scrape ice off the vehicle. In short, winter time is a brutal plus unforgiving season, plus even the best central heating only marginally improves the experience.
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