I had some concerns and the HVAC tech quelled them

My fiance is a real chef, plus it’s an amazing perk in our relationship for yours truly, however her family believes this is how you demonstrate appreciate to the people you hold dear, so I reap the rewards of her passion for cooking, every evening she makes me an amazing gourmet meal with the utmost concern plus care for each component of lunch, making it as perfect as could be.

  • I appreciate her extra culinary skills, although I have to say that it can make life more lavish, especially when my pal and I get our energy bill at the end of the month.

You see, our family room isn’t set up with enough ventilation for the serious level of cooking that she performs every evening. There aren’t enough air vents to deliver cool air conditioned air to the area, which makes heat build up in the space. To compensate for all the heat, my pal and I always have to turn the air conditioning settings way up plus drop the temperature far lower than normal. These setting alterations affect the entire house because my pal and I only have a central cooling unit, so my pal and I unnecessarily pump high quality air to the wrong parts of our home, wasting a ton of energy in trying to cool the one room, my pal and I also have no air outtake ventilation, plus the family room often gets filled with smoke from sauteeing foods at high hot plus cold temperatures. My pal and I have to plug in fans to pump out the smokey air, channeling it outdoors as best as my pal and I can. These measures add up to extra money in the energy corporation’s pockets every single evening.

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