Husband installs Heating and A/C systems all afternoon, separate from any A/C for himself

The problem is, his Heating and A/C dealership does not treat him easily well

How an director treats their employees says a lot about their morals. I have never considered a company to be fantastic or evil before… And then my hubby started working in the heating and cooling industry. When my buddy and I first got together and my hubby was attending Heating and A/C repair school. He went to the local trade school every afternoon to learn about indoor air handling devices, troubleshooting, upgrades, and routine repair for central heating and cooling systems. At the time, I couldn’t care less about Heating and A/C systems or emerging technologies in air purification devices. However, my hubby was severely sentimental about the Heating and A/C industry and couldn’t wait to become a professional heating and cooling worker. He promised me that he would regularly make a steady paycheck through any heating and cooling repair shop that he worked for. He also insisted that my buddy and I would have the best indoor air quality on the block. Well, my hubby has consistently made fantastic currency working as a heating and cooling professional. He is regularly busy on the task from his Heating and A/C repair shop. There’s no shortage to the number of local residents who need their central heating and cooling systems checked by a certified Heating and A/C worker. The problem is, his Heating and A/C dealership does not treat him easily well. Every afternoon when he’s out installing brand-new air handling devices, he’s riding around in a work vehicle that has no air temperature control whatsoever. He sweats his butt off all summer, while keeping other A/C systems in tip-top shape. By the time he gets home each afternoon my hubby is desperate for air conditioning and questioning his decision to be an Heating and A/C worker.



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