Hiring an HVAC person in our maintenance department

Last month our company has been continuing to grow tremendously. The end of the year can contribute to the growth and the amount of work that has been put on our office, especially our maintenance department. Our maintenance department is in charge of over 50 stores that our company oversees. They do everything from minor plumbing to plowing the snow. Just recently there has been about over ten stores who have had issues with their HVAC systems. Our one maintenance man knows very little about HVAC but not to the point where he can break down an HVAC system, know the in’s and out’s of it and fix the problem immediately. Due to the increased request of HVAC, our company has decided to hire an HVAC technician. We went through many applicants but what we were looking for was an HVAC technician who had experience. We wanted an HVAC technician who has worked at reputable HVAC companies. We finally found our guy after going through over twenty applications. We also kept in mind about their references. We wanted a reference who was another HVAC technician or was management in HVAC because we were looking for the reason why they left a reputable HVAC company. After reviewing applications we chose our candidate from a reputable HVAC company but the reason why he left his place of employment was because the HVAC company closed down after twenty years since the owners passed away. We are very lucky to have found our new HVAC maintenance man even though it was an extensive hiring process.

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