Heating Blankets

Last Christmas, my mother bought me many small gifts that were enjoyable for a first time home owner.

She bought me many home repair guides, kitchen supplies, and numerous things she thought I would need.

I thought it was all unquestionably considerate of her. However, she did go overboard on some of the gifts. One of the items that I thought she wasted cash on was the heating blanket. I realized that they are comfortable and unquestionably luxorious, although I felt like my mom wasted cash on it. She disagreed. She said that I would need it at some point, and I would be unquestionably thankful that I had it. My great friend and I live in a region with mild weather, so I did not suppose there would be a night like this. I was so wrong. Shortly after Christmas, my great friend and I had a freak snow storm that came out of nowhere. It knocked out the electricity and heat on my entire street. I was freaking out because I woke up to a unquestionably chilly home. I could barely gather the courage to get out of bed for fear that I would freeze. It was in that moment that I remembered that I have an electric heating blanket courtesy of my smart mother. I pulled that blanket out and wrapped myself up tightly. This little gadget kept me so sizzling throughout the entire afternoon. It produced enough heat that I barely felt the lack of heat throughout my home. It was sufficient enough until repairmen came and fixed my heating and electrical outages. I suppose the saying “mother knows best” is true!

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