Heater Maxed Out

A few weeks ago, my great friend and I had the biggest snow storm that our neighborhood had ever seen. It knocked down electrical poles and trees. Many homes were without heat or electricity. It was a nightmare of a storm. Luckily, my home did not lose power or electricity. My parents blasted the heater at its highest setting to keep us warm. My entire extended family slept at our home to stay safe and warm. It turned out to be a fun week because my great friend and I were all spending unexpected time with family. When the storm finally ended, it was unbearably sizzling outside. The temperatures shot up unexpectedly and melted all of the snow. My parents tried to turn the heater down, but the heating system was stuck. My great friend and I couldn’t get the temperature control to adjust to the next outdoor conditions. It became a sauna in our house! My great friend and I couldn’t find an available repairman for a few days because they were in high demand due to the storm. It was the most uncomfortable few days! Once the repairman arrived, my great friend and I were so relieved. My great friend and I had spent those few days walking around the home in Summer tanks and shorts. My great friend and I had fans set up throughout the home as well. He must have felt shocked to see such a sight in the middle of winter! Luckily, it was a easy repair that only required one small piece to be updated. He was able to complete the repair in under an hour. It was also a unquestionably cheap repair. After the repair was complete, I felt like I could breathe again!



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