Having a nice temperature controlled space for my husband and little girl to come home to

We never really have to worry about feeling too cold or too warm

My husband and our little girl love to go hunting together. During hunting season they often go nearly every day together. My little girl loves to go hunting with him. However during hunting season it is not the warmest outside. It was actually very cool outside. So my husband can fend for himself. My husband can get himself dressed. However I have to make sure that my little girl is dressed appropriately. I cannot send her off into the woods being cold. She would not be able to last very long being cold out in the woods. So we have to put many layers on her. She always loves to come home into the warm house. She comes home right before we eat dinner. She loves to take a nice warm shower and lay on the couch after dinner. I love that our world today gives us the option to have temperature controlled air. But it allows my daughter to go out hunting with her father in the cold. Then it allows her to come inside and relax and enjoy a cool temperature that is comfortable for her. I think that temperature controlled air makes living life a lot easier these days. We never really have to worry about feeling too cold or too warm. If we are ever feeling too cold or too warm we can always live for getting back to that temperature controlled air. I am not sure how we would live without this wonderful thing called temperature controlled air. I truly hope that the HVAC system also never breaks down while they are out hunting.

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