Have a baby, lose your sanity

Sometimes I absolutely wonder about my decision to become a mother.

When I was growing up I felt like it was expected that I would become a mom plus just like most people had before me.

However, in hindsight I wonder if this was the right decision for the life that I hoped to lead. I always envisioned that I would be a jet-setting professional woman with an exciting lifestyle. I thought that I would have a large, new dwelling that was sparsely decorated plus impeccably wipe at all times. I foresaw amazing indoor air quality control, a yearly maid service, plus fresh flowers on the table. In reality, I got a chaotic family who is always creating messes that I can’t wipe up fast enough. It seems like no matter what I do something is going wrong. Each afternoon I wake up, adjust the central Heating plus A/C system to match the outdoor weather conditions plus weather predictions for the afternoon, plus get to work as a tied up mom. I have a 1 year outdated baby who particularly hates the heating plus cooling system, no matter what I do. Every morning when the AC system kicks into gear, she starts screaming her lungs out. If the cooling system blows any ice frigid air on her, she particularly loses her mind. In the winter, things aren’t better when we’re using the central boiler. My child is highly opposed to any sort of warm, heated air passing out of our vents. She completely freaks out if she wakes up from a nap plus the forced air furnace is operating. I spend my whole afternoon battling the Heating plus A/C system plus my daughter’s unusual phobias.

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