Getting emotional realizing that I should have made appointments for HVAC system tune ups

I feel that I can sometimes be a rather emotional person. The latest time that I had gotten really emotional was when the HVAC system completely broke down. I knew it had broken down because it started making all of these unusual noises.These were noise that I had never heard before. I did not even know where the noises were coming from at first. I thought that these noises could not have been good, so I turned the HVAC system off. I did not want more damage to happen within the HVAC system. I had called the HVAC business down the street and made an appointment. They came to look at the HVAC system and diagnosed the problem for me first. They had told me that there were some defective parts that had actually become so loose that they feel off. This caused quite a bit of damage inside of the HVAC system. He was going to have replace the parts but also possibly replace other big parts within the system. It could be a really expensive fix or not so much. He told me that I should be getting regular tune up appointments to avoid this problem. I started to cry because I knew that but I just never got them. I thought that they were kind of a scam and I did not want to waste my money on it. Now I wish I really had made an appointment or two in my time. It made me really sad to think that I could have avoided all of this if I had done what I was supposed to do in the first place.
air conditioning worker