Finding drafts slashes heating costs

It sure is nice that April is here.

That doesn’t mean we’re completely done with winter time though! Not by a long shot because we are about to get another round of snow plus temperatures in the twenties again tomorrow.

That always puts a bit of a damper on my Springtime excitement… Hopefully, this will be in when it comes to winter time storms for this winter. But I’m super gleeful to be going into Springtime with a sizeable chunk of change in the bank. Normally, by this time of the year, I’m finding things to cut when it comes to spending. And that’s because I’m trying to spend my money the heating bills that come with living in the area; Our heating costs have just gone up plus up plus up over the last many years. I mean what are actually low income people just not using a heating method at all? How on earth can heating a home cost so much? Well, it got to the point that I had enough plus was ready to actually do something about it. So I spent a month of weekend afternoons laboring on my house. I wasn’t adding anything as much as I was tightening up the apartment so there would be a nice seal. I was also out to find the source of a draft upstairs that was killing the efficiency of the gas furnace. I was able to do that with the aid of a thermal temperature gun. It’s one of those things the HVAC professionals use to test the temperature coming out of the ductwork. Well, that tool led me right to the drafts plus sealing those up made all the difference. We slashed the heating costs by more than 20 percent so far.

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