Custom chairs for an antique table

One of my favorite things to do is going to estate sales.

They are so fun and you never know what you might come across.

Sometimes, I find things like plates and decor, but other times, I come across a timeless piece of furniture that I can’t pass up. That is exactly what happened last weekend. My friend and I were hitting all of our local estate sales like we usually do on the weekends. I was so excited to see that there were so many happening this weekend. The first sale we went to, I found the perfect dining room table for our new house. It was one of those things where when you see it, you just know that it’s going to look amazing in your house. I immediately purchased the table and had my boyfriend pick it up with his truck. We got it home and unloaded and realized that the chairs we had were too tall for the table! I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to use the beautiful table. We decided to do some research on custom furniture in the area, and found that custom build chairs were actually very affordable. We don’t need anything too fancy, just some simple chairs that would fit under the table. I was happy with the way the custom furniture turned out, and we were able to use the table I found afterall!


Custom made furniture