Concert stadium is always so hot

I cherish my partner to death and I try to support him in everything that he does.

  • This is generally easy because I am interested in the things he does and also because he is genuinely wonderful at these activities, not to mention because I cherish him to death and can’t be apart from him.

These three factors put together usually make it a breeze to rest behind him 100% of the time, cheering him on in whatever task he’s performing. However, there is one stadium that I have a taxing time being enthusiastic; the stadium where he often performs his solo pieces. The thing is, while I cherish seeing him perform, the stadium has no air conditioning. My friend and I live in a entirely tepid and muggy environment, and the weather outside is properly quite unforgiving. It is actually a necessity to own an A/C unit, and to keep it primed for action at the drop of a hat. There’s simply no way of surviving the summers without a powerful a/c, and every moment spent without the comfort of central cooling feels like a lifetime. Every time he plays this stadium is sweatier than the last; Besides having no central cooling, there’s also no ventilation and the air feels heavy with humidity. Before we even have his instruments set up we are drenched through our shirts, and after sound check the performance lights proceed to make the indoor air even hotter. If you are lucky enough to rest near the single box fan that they employ, you have the best seat in the house.
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