Company meeting being too warm due to furnace

During this time of the year when the holidays come there is a lot that needs to get at property and at work.

  • At property I have the stress of wrapping presents, decorating and preparing food for our family Christmas meal.

Sometimes my children will help me decorate but they will locale our Christmas decorations in the most different sites so I stopped asking them to help me. At toil since I am a secretary, I have to make sure that all of our forms are revised, and are distributed to the people throughout the office. My pal and I had our annual end of the year meeting. There was about twenty of us in our meeting room and it was so warm and stuffy. I’m not sure if I was getting nervous because it was almost my turn to speak even though I felt like with the amount of people in the room my boss should have turned the a/c component on. I was beginning to sweat and I could see my coworkers doing the same! There came a point in the meeting where I went to the front of the room, to the temperature control, and switched the heat off and turned the button towards “cool.” When I read the temperature control it read 77 degrees fahrenheit! That’s why I was covered in sweat so much. As I turned to head back to my seat my coworkers were clapping for me because I turned the heat down. As I sat down one of my coworkers who was sitting next to me said: “I’m so happy you turned the temperature control down, I think my associate and I were all too afraid to do it.” This is because our boss isn’t particularly nice, even though I wasn’t afraid. I’m not going to suffer from a furnace!

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