April Snowstorm

My car’s heating and cooling systems could not keep up with the constant changes

I am originally from a very cold region of the country. As a child, I experienced countless snow storms that would close school for several consecutive days. I remember having a full week off of school from a strong blizzard. Growing up, I loved this weather. When I moved down south, I entered a completely different weather region. In my new city, I experience some winter weather, but very little snow accumulation and very few school closings. All of my coworkers joke with me about the winter weather where I come from. I had scheduled a trip home several weeks ago. Prior to my departure, a coworker asked me about the weather back home. I jokingly said that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was snowing in April. I never expected this to be true. When I arrived at home, my jaw dropped when I saw the snow showers in April. I could not believe my eyes! After having the heating system off for a few weeks at that point, my parents had to turn the heating system back on. Something I forgot about my childhood home was that we could easily experience all four seasons in one day. During my week at home, I experienced just that. It went from warm breezes to snow storms and back to warm breezes. My parents were constantly adjusting the thermostat. My car’s heating and cooling systems could not keep up with the constant changes. I don’t mind cold weather or heavy snowfall, but I do prefer some consistency. Needless to say, I was happy to escape that weather confusion!

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